Tactical Plate Carrier For Police and Military Uses

Since 1995, The United States Special Forces (SOCOM) has been testing and improving upon the tactop plate carrier. Today it is one of the most popular carriers used by all branches of the force. Modern versions are lightweight, compact and feature variable mount configurations for use with most MOLLE/MBT systems and can be used in a wide variety of environments including indoor and outdoor scenarios.

SC Rear Court Approval Jacket includes a soft armor insert that covers the entire length of the torso to provide superior protection to our body parts. Our SC vest is made from high-quality nylon, quilted here with a tasteful reflective trim and zippered front pockets. It comes standard with a utility belt and will work great for most law enforcement agencies. It is one of the most effective and affordable option to use in any urban combat situation. This company also provides an outstanding line of tactical gear, ranging from camo fatigues, jackets and more.

For those serving in the military this company has developed and made an original design for tactical vests called the Corr Guard Vest. This soft armor will also cover the upper portions of your torso. This vest is specifically designed for installation of belt clips for attachment to MOLLE or Multi-Lined drawstring pouches. This vest comes standard with a high capacity, low profile gas pouch that can hold up to seven gallons of tactical gear. There are several versions of this product, all with various features and add-ons. It is the closest we can get to serve as an all-in-one tactical vest that also functions as a soft armor.